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The party wall act was enforced on the 1st of July 1997 throughout Wales and England.

This act provides a framework for resolving and preventing disputes between proprietors of neighbouring properties in regards to work on a party wall or closure of a party wall.

The main purpose of this act is to ensure that the neighbouring owners do not suffer damage or loss to their property as a result of the Building Owner’s Association.

This act states that if any damage is caused to the neighbouring property owner’s property, then it must be repaired at the expense of the owner.


A building owner who intends to execute certain work will have a strict legal responsibility to serve a written notice to any adjoining owner who is going to be affected by the planned works.

When working on an existing fence walls or party, a party structure notice is ideal and should be served at the very minimum of two months before the work begins on the site. If undertaking excavation works or building up to a specific boundary, three or six-meter notice or a line of junction must be issued at least one month before the commencement of the work on the site.

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When work is undertaken to certain boundary walls known as party fence walls. Any new building construction for new builds and home extensions or up to the building foundations and excavation within 3 meters or to a greater depth requires a notice.

Furthermore, work to existing walls or retaining walls such as rebuilding, demolition, cutting or underpinning into a party wall so as to support the load bearing beams during loft conversions or extensions, increasing or reducing the party wall’s height or inserting a moist proof course also requires a notice.


When work is undertaken to certain boundary walls known as party fence walls. Any new building astride or up to the building foundations and excavation within 3 meters or to a greater depth requires a party notice.

Furthermore, work to existing walls such as rebuilding, demolition, cutting or underpinning into a party wall so as to support the load bearing beams during loft conversions or extensions, increasing or reducing the party wall’s height or inserting a moist proof course also requires a party notice.

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Renovating or building on any property can become a complicated procedure if the proper steps are not followed.

Knowing where you can and can’t extend is one thing, but understanding the consequences of potentially damaging a wall that is shared with someone else is another.

Party walls use generally for semi-detached residential properties, like terraced property— however might likewise influence apartments, featuring the roofs as well as floorings in a standard.

Issues  regularly take place in between neighbours when residential or commercial properties are actually restored, or even when an improvement to a structure is actually eventually located to have actually led to a concern along with a party wall.

The Act 1996 was actually offered to manage any sort of changes to a residential property, or even to land along with fencings or even wall surfaces.

Improvements to a home which could drop under the law of the Party Act feature:

This would certainly not generally entail regular modifications to a party wall, having said that– including altering a lightweight button or even electric outlet, or even dangling a photo or even shelving, unless the job includes exploration greatly in to the surface or even taking out a segment of the structure.

In conflicts, it is actually important to take lawful recommendations coming from a party wall lawyer to safeguard your personal rate of interests and also your building.

The Act particulars precisely what may as well as can easily certainly not occur pertaining to a party wall as well as a party wall lawyer will certainly possess the knowledge to help you by means of this.

 Building work  should be actually performed according to the Party Wall Act to stop damages to an adjacent residential property.

It is actually constantly a good idea, having said that, to call a party wall Surveyor for advise if you are actually accomplishing significant improvements which may have an effect on any work even border– or even if a neighbour is actually organizing to accomplish redesigns or even has actually begun on makeovers which could impact a party wall in between you.

  • Modifications to a side fencing.
  • Altering a foundation
    Partitioning a party wall.
  • Moist/damp evidence setup
  • Levelling of a party wall or even a part of it.
  • Excavating or even digging deep into below the bases of a party wall to within 3m to 6m of an adjoining building.
  • Excavating or even digging deep into below a backyard party wall.
  • Putting up a hung down roof below the flooring of an additional residential property.

House owners might likewise concur in contacting the planning as an example, arrangement has actually been actually produced shielding the home of any kind of neighbours influenced due to the jobs as well as making up any sort of home owners influenced due to the redesigns.

Neighbours and also planners performing redesigns including party walls need to offer surrounding homeowner pair of months’ notification handwritten of their planning.

If arrangement can easily certainly not be actually achieved in a party wall issue, a shared land surveyor is actually selected– or even either celebration may assign its very own property surveyor-to create what is actually referred to as a party wall honour, laying out information of:

  • The existing disorder of the party wall
  • Performs to become performed
  • Defensive steps require for surrounding residential or commercial properties
  • Timescales as well as time frame for the jobs
  • The Schedule for the property surveyor property evaluations.
  • Party Wall Injunctions

The price of requesting a party wall order may typically be actually declared back coming from your neighbour if the court of law gives you the ruling.

In some party wall conflicts, if job has actually started, it might be actually needed to secure a subpoena– got in touch with a party wall ruling to quit the jobs momentarily.

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The adjacent proprietor might assign a Party wall surveyor (or even agree in the visit of a conceded property surveyor) within the 14 time period however they need not hurry their selection.

The moment the 14 times have actually expired they need to be actually sent out a follow-up character asking to select a Party Wall Surveyor within 10 times or even run the risk of one being actually selected on their account due to the property proprietor (the event preparing the job). If a property proprietor carries out obtain the right to assign a land surveyor in behalf of their neighbor that can easily certainly not coincide land surveyor that they are actually utilizing;

an Agreed Surveyor may certainly not be actually designated unless each proprietors affirm that consultation in composing.

As soon as an issue has actually developed both the property manager as well as the adjacent proprietor improvement coming from being actually “customers” to “designating managers” – the jargon re-enforces the property surveyor’s task to become unbiased.

A property surveyor can easily serve notice in support of their customer given that at that phase it is actually not known whether the adjacent proprietor will certainly concede or otherwise.

If they concede there will certainly be actually no honor as well as no demand for a party wall land surveyor.

Essentially, what an adjacent manager is actually mentioning when they initiate a conflict is actually that they want to have their enthusiasms secured through an individual that recognizes development issues as well as knows along with the procedures of the Party Wall Act.

Even when the adjacent manager makes a decision to accept their neighbor’s option of property surveyor as “acknowledged property surveyor” (commonly an excellent choice for small jobs) there is actually still a “disagreement” to become settled thus an honor should be actually composed as well as offered on the managers.

A conflict in the Party Wall feeling of words need not be actually a lot of a disagreement in all;

regardless of whether the Act claims it is actually. Under the Party Wall and so on. Action 1996 if an adjacent manager does not permission within 2 week of getting notification of the suggested jobs at that point the gatherings are actually considered to become “in dispute”.

The manner in which disagreements under the Act are actually fixed is actually through each of the proprietors designating a land surveyor and also those property surveyors acknowledging the relations to a party wall honor; in some cases referred to as a Party Wall Agreement.

Party wall land surveyor possess a task to become unprejudiced so any sort of dispute which comes up are going to typically derive from some of the events certainly not knowing the Act.

It can certainly not be actually simpler for an adjacent proprietor to prompt a conflict; they need to have not do anything whatsoever.

If Party Structure Notices and also Notices of Adjacent Excavation are actually certainly not granted within 14 times a conflict is actually regarded as to have actually occurred.

A party wall esentially joins two rooms or adjacent buildings together and so each owner has a particular right to it. Party walls can cause a lot of disputes with neighbours and close businesses. In some cases the decoration of the exterior of the house can imply that the party wall is in a different location, leading some to assume one neighbour has a larger garden space than them.

Upon investigation, however, the party wall and garden fence lined up perfectly and an award with then be offered. Experienced Party wall surveyors can help with all of this and if appointed give advice on all matters required.

Right of Way disputes are very common and occur when it is assumed the land they are occuping is within the boundary of their land or is open to the public as opposed to privately owned. A further complication can arise if they have been using the land for quite some time before a complaint has been filed.

Experiencing this dispute can disrupt or even take away the access to your home or place of work.

Segment 8 of the Party Wall Act provides a right of accessibility onto a neighbor to embark on works which is actually dealt with due to the Act. As an example.

If notification is actually offered under Section 6 to dig deep into for bases after that gain access to might be actually needed to have for protection holdings on to or even to promote the digging (i.e. to enable gain access to for digging vegetation).

If a wall structure is actually developed along a border no right of get access to under the Party Wall Act is actually offered potential upkeep of that wall structure so it is very important to make the wall surface to decrease the demand for routine maintenance that will demand gain access to onto neighbors building.

If a notification is actually offered under Section 1 to design a brand-new wall surface along a perimeter  (either as a Party Wall or even as a wall structure developed totally on the proprietor’s edge of the limit) or even if a notification is actually offered under Section 2 to elevate or even reconstruct a Party Wall there is actually a right of gain access to onto the neighbor’s property to develop as well as complete the wall surface.

This consists of the positioning of scaffold if this is actually essential.

If a notification is actually offered under Section 2 to partition a wall structure or even to amputate estimates it might be actually essential to analyze the neighbors edge to validate layout particulars.

If gain access to onto adjoining residential or commercial property is actually demanded for maintainance objectives at that point this need to coincided the neighbouring manager or even typically acquired under the arrangements of the Access to Neighbouring Lands Act 1992.

Retaining walls are usually a lot more expensive than the previously named walls due to the fact it is built on uneven ground. The wall has to be strong to support the higher land’s weight. Problems can arise with retaining walls if it is built upon a boundary.
The owner with the lower land and a wall supporting the neighbour’s higher ground usually has a duty to support the neighbour’s land. As such, the neighbour with the higher land has a duty to care and maintain the retaining wall so their land does not collapse onto the neighbour’s lower land.

If a retaining wall does collapse, a dispute can rise over who owns it. If the deeds do not frankly state who the owner is, an investigation will have to proceed.

There is usually a lot of confusion over what differentiates a boundary wall and a party wall. A party wall is usually defined as joining two buildings like terrace properties. A party fence wall is a wall that separates land but sits upon the boundary of that land. It does not connect buildings. A boundary wall separates land but is usually built upon one owner’s property rather than upon two.

Boundary walls can become a problem if the knowledge of the limits of the owned land is not understood. Proving where the wall sits in reference to the boundaries of the land is important. Though overhang of the wall onto someone else’s land is permitted, it is important to measure and investigate.

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All of these disputes are things that commonly occur to land and business owners alike and if theyre not solved in the proper manner, they can become unncessarily complicated. We can compile a sechule of condition and record the details.

We are here to simplify any issues you have by offering you surveying that can help declare boundaries and help make these disputes less negative.

We specialise in party wall surveys and can help mend any disputes you are having. If you or a neighbour plan to do work on a party wall then a notice must be served in order to obtain consent (a notice is not necessary for re-plastering, drilling for fittings and fences and sheds).

Generally, there are 14 days to reply to a notice with the option to either consent or dissent.

If yourself or indeed your neighbour does not give consent, then under The Party Wall Act (1996) a surveyor will resolve the dispute by using the Party Wall Agreement.

An Award will then be issued by the surveyor to resolve the dispute and allow the work to continue. The Award will include who will pay for the work and what work can be done exactly.

Party Walls are not the only sort of dispute that needs a surveyor and our services are available for the above-mentioned problems with similar outcomes.

Using our services is easy, cost friendly and even making an appointment is efficient and speedy.